Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week 1

WEEK 1 - SEPTEMBER 10 2015
Take a look at the following links relating to our topic for Week 1 -- "European Nationalism in 19th Century Classical Music"

1.  Read through the Lecture notes for Week 1. The link is labeled "European Nationalism in 19th Century Classical Music." I  will be covering this material in the first week's lecture.

2.  Read the excerpt from Daniel Goldmark's excellent book on Hollywood cartoon music, "Tunes for Toons." The introduction is available as a pdf link on the same page as the lecture notes.
direct link:

3. Consider doing your required research presentation on the topic of European Nationalism. What country and composer would you choose? Here are the guidelines for presentations on this topic:

  • WHO was he and WHEN did he live? Present key biographical details, including musical highlights relevant to the theme of  Nationalism as a Political Force in 19th Century Europe.
  • WHY was he a nationalist? Present the political and cultural environment of the country in which the composer lived.
  • HOW was the music nationalistic? 
    • Did it use folk musical style or mythology? (as in the Russian “Five”) 
    • Did it use a folk tale or national legend (as in Wagner’s operas)?
    • Did it play a role in the politics of the time?  (as in Verdi’s music.)
    • Present a musical work that demonstrates the above points.

  • If possible, also present an animated or live-action film clip that uses the composer’s music.

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